Large Groups, Lock-ins, Business Meetings, etc.

Greg and Craig's Indian Lanes in Clinton features a bowling center, inflatable jump zone, rooms for meetings, parties, events, pool tables, snack bar, arcade games and more.  We frequently host a variety of events including Biz Fun meetings, company parties, "Lunch and Learn", Birthday parties, Class reunions, team parties and awards ceremonies, fund raisers, church outings, Lock-ins and more.  Below is a listing of rates and pricing for large groups and lock-ins and room rental rates.  Scroll down or View/Print a PDF copy, or click to jump to:  Rent out the Entire Facility; Rent out the Bowling Center; Room Rental Rates; Add an Hour of Bowling to Room Rental; Rent the Inflatable Jump Zone.

Rental of the Meeting/Party Rooms:


Large Yellow Room (comfortably accomodates approx. 110-120)

1 hour rental          $ 75.00

2 hours                   $135.00

4 hours                   $255.00


Green room in Bowling Center (comfortably seats approx. 30-36)

1 hour rental         $ 50.00

2 hours                   $ 90.00

4 hours                  $160.00


Tables and chairs provided. Our staff will assist you with set up and provide clean-up afterwards.

Room decor, paper goods can be provided by us, for an additional charge. Cost provided upon request.


Add an Hour of Bowling to your event (excludes Friday & Saturday, call for special pricing):

8 lanes (up to 48 bowlers; bowling shoe rental included)            $290.00

12 lanes (up to 72 bowlers; bowling shoe rental included)          $350.00

16 lanes (up to 96 bowlers; bowling shoe rental included)          $440.00

More than 1 hour of bowling: $20 per lane, per hour


Add Morning Refreshments:


One gallon orange juice, 2 pots coffee (with cups, sweetener, creamer, etc.), 3 dozen donuts, plates, napkins, ice water, mints        $70.00


Add Pizza:


5 large 1-topping pizzas (50 slices)                                                     $55.00


Gallon pitchers of drinks: $10 each (Coke and Pepsi products available, Gold Peak Sweet Tea, Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch)

Catered Meals, Appetizers, H'ors d'oeuvres

You may make arrangements with the caterer of your choice or we can make the arrangements for you with one of the caterers with whom we have a relationship.  Options and pricing provided on request.


Concession/snack items available for purchase at our normal prices, without making any advance special arrangements.


Rent the Inflatable Jump Zone or Laser Tag:

For 1 Hour (up to 20 jumpers)          $150.00

For 1 Hour (up to 40 jumpers)          $225.00


The Jump Zone features 6 giant inflatables, music, karaoke, seating for spectators, concession stand. 




  • The maximum number of people who may bowl, at one time, is:  96  (16 lanes times 6 people per lane)

  • The maximum number of individuals who may play in the giant inflatable jump zone, at one time, is:  45. The weight limit for most of the inflatable jumpers is 150 lbs. per person.  The weight limit for two of the inflatable jumpers is 200 lbs. per person. Jumpers must wear socks and must adhere to our safety requirements.

  • "Kosmic Bowl" is available at no extra charge for events after sundown.

  • The air hockey machine and arcade games and pool tables require quarters, to play.  

  • Indian Lanes staff members will be working during your event.

  • We are happy to assist you with set-up, and we will perform the clean-up afterwards.

  • We are happy to assist with arranging for catered food, paper goods and/or room decor.  Prices provided on request.

  • The prices listed above may change in the future. 


Questions?  Special needs and requests?  Give us a call:  601.924.4248 or send a message to


Thank you for choosing Indian Lanes!



Click the PDF icon to view/print the pricing chart for large groups, lock-ins, business meetings, etc.